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Are you tired of waiting 3 seconds to parse 200kb of Google Maps JavaScript just to display a few tiles and a marker? 140kb of minified Leaflet too much?

Welcome to the club!

This project aims to provide a performance-first React-centric extendable map engine.

It was originally created to reduce page load speed for the search results on Apprentus, a marketplace for private lessons.

We're currently at (this includes all components):

  • minified
  • minified + gzipped


  • Show tiles
  • Arbitrary overlays (markers, etc)
  • Move the map by dragging
  • Move the map by touch on mobile
  • Zooming with the scroll wheel
  • Zooming by touch
  • Fractional zooming (e.g. to level 12.2)
  • Zoom without flickering (keep old tiles until new ones load)
  • Smooth animated zooming
  • Slide when dragging and letting go
  • Event handling (clicks, etc)
  • Double click and double tap zooming
  • Option to block dragging with one finger and mouse wheel scrolling without holding meta key
  • Enable/disable touch and mouse events as needed - you could make a 100% static server rendered react map
  • Support for 100% width/height containers
  • Markers
  • Overlays
  • Draggable Overlays
  • Zoom Controls


  • Double tap and then swipe touch zooming
  • Many other components